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  • Preserve the Original purchase invoice safely for a minimum period of one year, from the date of purchase.
  • Install the offline Apps purchased along with new handset,  Biscoot Security Solutions and register it within 15 days from the time of purchase & provide all the correct information related to your Handset & Tablet.
  • You should take reasonable precautions to protect your handset against Theft and Burglary, Use and maintain it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If your handset is equipped with the Mobile Tracker application, please make sure you activate the application and only then start using the handset.
  • In case of claim, declare/disclose all the material fact about the incident of loss.
  • In case of claim, call immediately (not later 48 hours) on CLAIM SUPPORT HELPLINE: - 022-28717171 / 022-62456666 to intimate about the loss and collect your claim intimation reference no.
  • In case of loss, please intimate immediately to nearest police station and furnish acknowledged copy of the letter as submitted to the police station by incorporating Insured Handset and loss SIM details. Simultaneously SIM services for the mobile no. used at the time of loss, need to be barred and written confirmation of the same from service provider to be furnished.
  • Intimation about the incident of loss to police authorities and SIM service provider need to be done not later than 48 hours from the date & time of loss.
  • Barring of SIM services from network service provider need to be done in view to limit the risk of abuse.
  • In case of a claim, provide your 10 digit mobile contact number which shall be used for all claim related communication purpose.
  • You are required to submit all claim related documents / correspondence to claim administrator. All these document/s or correspondence should reach SF not later than 15 days. At the time of claim intimation SF claim support team will guide you on your claim
  • Once the claim is approved, insurer shall arrange for settlement of approved amount by suitable mode.
  • Claim form should be complete in all respect & duly signed, failing which insurer may at the discretion proceed and provide suitable claim decision.
  • Do extend all co – operation to Service provider/SF or their ancillary partner.
  • Follow escalation matrix for any assistance.
  • Do not misplace the Original Invoice of the purchased handset as it is the most important document for processing claim under the Programme, without the original purchase invoice your claim document will be treated as incomplete and claim will not be admitted by insurance company.
  • Do not provide any incorrect information at the time of registration of App on your equipment, the information provided at the time of registration will be treated FULL & FINAL Information.
  • Do not forget to read the terms and condition mentioned in manual. For more information log on to www.biscootsecure.com
  • Do not let your mobile connection remain disconnected or let your handset be with deactivate SIM card at any given time.
  • Do not leave your handset unattended at any given time.
  • Do not let your handset be used in a criminal or similar activity.
  • Do not make any incorrect or false statement pertaining to the claim.
  • Do not panic or misbehave with claim support team member and co – operate with them as they are there to support and guide you towards your claim.
  • Do not log multiple complaints; use your complaint number (reference number) for any further assistance.
  • All claims will settle as per SLA so do not panic or take constant follow ups.
  • In case of handset change do not claim your old handset.
  • Do not misplace any documents related to your free insurance.

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